Saturday, 31 August 2013

Fashion Designing Through Bratz Games

How talented are you? Do you know how to sketch a person's face with ease or does it appear nowhere near his face but looks like an extinct creature from the Jurassic period? some people have all the creativity and talent in the world-creating something out of nothing. We can see that in the masters like Michelangelo who painted the ceiling of the Sistine chapel and sculpted the famous of the young David. We can see that in Beethoven who despite being totally deaf still managed to compose a musical masterpiece or in the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy who wrote a tome of the French-Russian War story that is still considered one of the best novels in existence. Talent takes many forms. It is our innate genius that separates us from the other people. It is what distinguishes the ordinary from greatness. It is what makes a Michael Jordan, a Muhammad Ali, an Albert Einstein, a Pablo Picasso or a Leonardo Da Vinci. In the fashion world, these are the Yves saint Laurent, the Coco Chanel, the Giorgio Armani. These people revolutionize fashion and dictated to the world how people should look and what to wear. They build billions of dollars in global empires that personify a certain lifestyle and people all over swallow it up hook line and sinker. However, the problem lies in discovering the innate talent within every person. It is like the proverbial finding the needle in a haystack. A child may be a genius, but if he is not properly molded it would prove to be of no consequence. What could have been his mark in history will be just like a ripple in an ocean storm. But once you discover a talent within a person it is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I was fortunate to discover a budding talent with my daughter. At a young age, she likes drawing stuff like houses and persons and balloons-at least a semblance could be inferred from her doodling. As she grew older, she likes drawing little clothes for her little dolls. It is impressive for you can already see a certain harmony in her creations: the clothes actually match the entire outfit! This is when I discovered that she has a talent for fashion design. All it takes is a little nudge towards the right direction. Knowing this, I introduced her to Bratz games. Bratz games have a compilation of games and one of these is Fashion Designer. My daughter enjoys playing Bratz games and she even introduced Bratz games to her friends, even holding a mini contest to see who can make the most beautiful Bratz using the clothes in Bratz Fashion designer. They always call me to judge these mini contests and I must admit that I had a hard time choosing the winner. I just usually make them all winners in designing. Thanks to Bratz games will be able to find her full potential.