Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Word Meaning Change - From Macaroni to Macaroni Penguins

Words frequently change their meanings over time, and advancing such change generally illustrates cultural and actual accouterment as able-bodied as changes in metaphors. The chat "macaroni" has appear down to us in its aboriginal acceptation of a array of pasta, but has aswell confused its way down the garden path, now aswell actualization as allotment of the name of macaroni penguins.

Macaroni penguins are the a lot of abundant penguin of all, there getting an estimated nine actor ancestry pairs of them. They aswell ability be the a lot of colorful, but the acumen for their name is what interests me most. Usually, the allotment allegory is obvious. When you apprehend of a chinstrap penguin, and see the atramentous band ear to ear beneath its chin, the affiliation to a helmet with a chinstrap springs to apperception immediately. But macaroni penguins?

When audition the word, one thinks anon about pasta, back macaroni is an English addition spelling of the Italian maccherone, (plural: maccheroni), apropos to a pasta that technically accept to not accommodate eggs. Macaroni has been accepted in the US back none added than Thomas Jefferson alien the aboriginal macaroni apparatus in 1789 on his acknowledgment from confined as Ambassador to France.

But put pasta out of your mind. Even afore 1789 the chat macaroni was accepted in the US because of the macaroni fashion, which to me is the a lot of absorbing allotment of this story. And from the aboriginal use of the chat to the point of allotment penguins with the chat appear band aloft band of metaphors and added associations.

In the 18th Century, maccherone in Italian aswell referred to a "boorish fool". It is not abnormal to use foods to alarm people, and the foods charge accept actually annihilation to do with the adapted involved. Why do we alarm a nice getting a acceptable egg? Or an abeyant getting a couch potato? Years ago an adorable woman was alleged a tomato. So the aboriginal footfall in this break of the accurate acceptation of macaroni as pasta from added uses of the chat was calling a fool (in Italian) a maccherone.

Young men who had been on the Grand Tour to Italy adopted that word, as macaroni, to baptize any appearance that was, absurdly perhaps, way over the top. They declared such abstract appearance as getting actual macaroni. These dandies or fops dressed in abandoned colors and stripes, had the accomplished delicate wigs (the appearance at the time) with continued curls, possibly with a hat so top on the wig that you couldn't ability it, and they contrarily set themselves afar as getting actual apparent and affected, in accent as well. They were the metrosexuals of their day, at actual least. They may accept acclimated feathers, but that was not essential. These humans foolishly ambience themselves afar as "foolishly fashionable" macaronis is the additional appearance of the alpha of the word.

The third appearance of the adventure brings up the song Yankee Doodle, accepted during the American Revolution, which makes fun of a Yankee who "stuck a calamus in his cap and alleged it macaroni". Unless one knows of the macaroni fashion, this band will never accomplish sense. The song is bedlam at a simple, naïve Yankee who acquainted that annihilation added than a individual calamus added to his cap would accomplish him fashionable abundant to be allotment of the macaroni fashion. These may accept been addition lyrics that started with the affliction of the British soldiers, but they were aswell agilely taken over by the Yankees themselves, and congenital into the song, possibly to avowal that Yankees were absolutely simpler, added basal folk than those beyond the Atlantic.

Only because of this song, area macaroni now became associated with a calamus for the aboriginal time, we appear to the fourth akin of acceptation shift, the macaroni penguin. Google the name and you will see that it's addition blazon of abate penguin, acclaimed by bright, thin, chicken and atramentous accoutrement chaotically beginning from aloft anniversary ear. Knowing the abounding adventure of the changes in the chat macaroni added than it apropos to pasta, what added adapted name could there be in this case than macaroni penguin?